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The Sons of Grâce - English version

July 2018. We were supposed to go on a roadtrip to Norway... But two weeks before, we broke up, in a sudden, hard and violent way that left me totally depressed. So I didn't want to go anymore but I didn't know what to do with my vacation either. One...

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The Sons of Grâce - Fr

Juillet 2018. On était censés faire un roadtrip en Norvège... Mais deux semaines avant, nous avons rompu, d'une manière soudaine, dure et violente qui m'a laissé totalement déprimé. Je ne voulais donc plus y aller mais ne savais pas non plus quoi faire...

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Unexpected Kashmir

A typical Truck, parked aside the road in Jammu. Since the partition between India and Pakistan in 1947, Kashmir is cut in half: one part is administrated by Pakistan, the other one by India, but many Kashmiris wished to be independant. In the beginning...

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Visiting NY

All those pictures have been shot in Manhattan, New York, in March 2019. Time Square World Trade Center High Line 1 High line 2 High Line 3 High Line 4 High Line 5 High Line 6 The Vessel @Hudson Yards One of the most interesting structure modern architecture...

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Shot in Chelsea, 11th Avenue, Manhattan, New York, in March 2019. All the pictures of this serie have been shot in the streets of Chelsea, Manhattan, in March 2019. American Flag ? Andy Torned bills 2 Torned bills 3 Pink bills Shutter

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The Vessel

One of the most interesting structure modern architecture recently gave birth, can now be seen (and climbed) at the Hudson Yards Area, between Chelsea and Hell's Kitchen in Manhattan, New York. I was there the day just after its opening , in mid march...

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The 4 seasons Chapel

Shot in Sainghin en Mélantois, near Lille, France, in November 2016. Shot on the 1st of January 2017. Shot in April 2017. Shot in July 2018.

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Vivre à Delhi / Tuk Tuk Bhaï - 2e Partie -

Quand le train est arrivé en gare à Delhi, j'ai pris le métro et me suis dirigé vers Qtub Minar. Pendant mon séjour au Rajasthan, j'avais régulièrement eu Vicky au téléphone et il avait beaucoup insisté: il voulait que je reste chez lui, avec sa famille,...

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Living Delhi / Tuk Tuk Bhai - Part 2 -

When the train arrived at the station, i took the subway and headed to Qtub Minar. While my stay in Rajasthan, i had regularily Vicky on the phone, and he had insisted a lot: he wanted me to stay at his home, with his family, this time... Arrived at the...

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Living Delhi / Tuk Tuk Bhaï

11:05 p.m., the aircraft lands at the Indira Gandhi Airport, New Delhi. After passing through customs and the various formalities, I buy, in the hall of the terminal, a sim card from a local operator, and call my contact. I had contacted Nittin and Savita...

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